Women’s March RVA encourages Richmond’s diverse community to walk with purpose for equity, justice, and the empowerment of all womxn.

We represent a promise to resist hate, resist misogyny, resist racism, resist religious persecution, resist heterosexism and genderism, and resist the oppression of the poor and marginalized, preferring instead love, acceptance, cooperation, peace, and compassion.

Women’s March RVA will culminate in a purposeful gathering and celebration of our richly diverse cultural heritages. Our collective space will create a platform to inspire change through education, communication, and commitment to action. We stand together in Richmond, Virginia in peaceful solidarity.




Our focus is to engage, uplift, and connect local energy to Richmond orgs doing the daily work in our community of supporting all womxn, particularly those of color and from historically marginalized groups.

Women’s March RVA is a separate, independent organization from Women’s March National. National has never had a presence in Richmond and has not been in DC since 2017 (DC 2018 was run by March Forward Virginia, which is also unaffiliated).

Although we share similar values, such as equality, diversity and inclusivity, we operate independently. We are a group of Richmond volunteers who do not take direction nor receive financial support from National.